Monday, March 31, 2014

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Greetings District Pastors,

Remember the Dayton Children's Workers Workshop at Dayton, TN CoGoP with the Great Kim Batson

May 1st Pastor's Lunch at La Costa Restaurant in Crossville

May 3-5 "Get Real Girls camp at Camp Hickory Hills

and  May 26 Young Child's Workshop at Old Hickory CoGoP with the Great Kim Batson

God Bless you as you work for Him

"Freddie" Harding

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Washington State Mudslide Update

Bishop Knoblich writes:

Dear Church Family:

First, I want to say thank you for the outpouring of your love and prayers for those whose lives have literally been turned upside down.
It appears like the last person rescued was last Saturday when this immense landslide occurred.  
 For days, search teams have concentrated on rescue operations.  Unfortunately, these operations have turned now to recovery mode.  Our missing church member, Steve Hadaway still has not been found.  At this point there are over two dozen known fatalities and approximately 90 people still unaccounted for.

As you can imagine when a tragedy of this magnitude hits a small community of about 1300 people, it is devastating.  None the less, the community is pulling together and trying to do the best they can.  Our pastor and his wife in the Darrington area, Brother and Sister Alexander, are working hard ministering to people and are so thankful for the prayer support.  Please continue in prayer that our Lord can give the grace, peace, and strength to help in times like this.
Again, thank you for your loving concern and prayers.

Bishop Don Knoblich

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Soul Burden

"But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd." (Matthew 9:36)

It seems like it was only a short-time ago that I accepted the call from the Lord into ministry.  To be perfectly honest, it was a call that I ran from for many years.  Like so many others, I tried to deal with the conviction from the Holy Spirit by filling my life with things of no eternal value.  I was on a dead end road until the day came that God put a roadblock in my path and I turned around.

The memories of those early days are still fresh.  You see, I knew the difference between right and wrong, I simply chose wrong.  I had a godly mother who prayed and fasted for me, and had been married almost two years when I stopped running from God and started running toward Him.  My father returned to the Lord, mostly brought on by the sudden and unexpected death of my older brother.  He was now pursuing the call of God on his life that was forsaken in his youth.

I can honestly say I was won over by the godly example of my young wife and the thought of what kind of father I would be to my young son, not yet a year old.  Living in a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky, working as a plain clothes police investigator, I was on a pathway that most likely would have led to an early death.  But, the Lord heard my cry and forgave me of the sin that had saturated my life.  

I've heard people say, "I found the Lord."  In reality, God was never lost...I was.  He came and found me and turned my life around.  I no longer sought the temporary pleasures of the world to satisfy the longing in my heart and soul, now, I found myself seeking Someone whom I thought could never be apprehended.  But now, He apprehended me.

I had such a longing to know Him more that I devoured the Bible, reading everything I could get my hands on to understand it.  Suddenly, I wanted to be in church, among the people of God.  In the past, I had viewed the church people to be hypocrites, but now, I wanted to be with them.  I wanted to talk about Jesus, I wanted to know more about Him, so in my mind, there was not better way than to be near and talk to those who were near Him.  As an investigator, I knew the value of finding witnesses to verify truth or recognize error...what better place to start than among His people?

I spent long times of prayer and seeking, experiencing an inexpressible hunger for others, even total strangers, to experience what had happened to me.  I wanted them to know about the life change that I had experienced...confident that He could and would change them too.  

I heard a preacher by the name of Bishop Harper Hunter express this inner drive as a "soul burden."  Then, I read a book of sermons by Bishop Buford Johnson where he wrote the same thing, going so far as to say that God is looking for someone to "stand in the gap," and "make up a hedge" around lost people.  It all began to make sense.

For the next thirty-plus years that "soul burden" gripped me.  

It caused me to change course more than once, to leave mother and father and extended family to go wherever doors opened.  At first there weren't a lot of calls or opportunities to preach so, led by the Lord I found people in walks of life and simply shared what had happened to me.  I shared that I was on a path to death and destruction but now, I could lay my head on a pillow at night with confidence that to be absent from my body meant to be present with the Lord.

I prayed the prayer of faith with people on the street, in the hospital, in nursing homes and jails.  At times, driven by this "soul burden" I even went door-to-door inviting people to know this great joy and peace I had found.

Having been a high school dropout, the U.S. Army required that I complete a G.E.D. to enlist, so that is exactly what I pursued.  Recognizing that there was so much knowledge and understanding missing in my life I enrolled in college.  First at Central Texas College I enrolled in classes and completed them.  Then I attended college and seminary in Indiana.  Yet with all of the learning I consumed, I found that it did not replace this "soul burden."  At the end of the day, it was not a college degree that I was seeking, but rather more knowledge and understanding to present this wonderful message of the Gospel.

I had the "soul burden" as an evangelist and pastor, and for the past 15 plus years as a Presiding Bishop (State Overseer) it is still there.  

After all of these years it is becoming increasingly evident to me that it is not the formal education or even the experience of ministry that matters most.  What matters most is a burden for lost men and women, boys and girls.  Without a burden for souls, we may be professional ministers and administrators, but at the end of the day we will not be fulfilled.

I am praying daily for the Lord to increase the Burden for Souls in my heart and life and I am praying the same for others.  I pray, "Dear Lord, please wake us up to the reality of the eternal.  Touch me, change me, mold me and make me into a witness for you.  Increase the burden for souls...give me souls or I will die."

"The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved."  (Jeremiah 8:20)

Proxy Registration Extension Announced

Received from North American General Presbyters office:
The Pre Assembly Expression reports and forms were made available via the COGOP website and mailed to North America Pastors on March 12th, 2014. The original deadline for the expressions to be returned to the State/Regional/National Offices is set for March 31. This date seems somewhat unrealistic for some of our outlying areas that may not get the information quickly to make a quick turn around with their expression.
With the changes in the business procedure this year and the Meeting of the General Presbyters and Committees upcoming in April, I am proposing these changes in deadlines:
April 10, 2014 - Deadline for Pastors to send Pre Assembly Expressions to State/Regional/National Offices

Monday, March 24, 2014

Washington State Mudslide


Perhaps you have heard the news of a terrible mudslide in Washington State that was devastating to the local community.  I learned this afternoon that this has affected members of the Church of God of Prophecy.  Please read the following notice from Dr. Don Knoblich, the State Presiding Bishop of Washington and Alaska.  Will you also please join us in prayer for this special need:

Dear Church Family:

Last Saturday, March 22nd, a devastating land/mud slide occurred on Highway 530 between the small towns of Darrington and Arlington.  Reports say that the slide took out 1 square mile of the mountain.  Tons and tons of debris have destroyed houses and have taken out a major section of Highway 530.  Worst of all, there are a number of fatalities and now it is believed that dozens of people are missing.  One of those missing is Steve Hadaway, a member of the Darrington Church.  Please keep the Hadaway family in prayer along with the many other families impacted in the Darrington Community.  This disaster will have a profound effect on the community for months if not years to come.  Also pray for Pastor and Sister Alexander of Darrrington that the Lord will be able to use them to help those in need.  Please beseech the One Who knows how to "still the storms."  He is desperately needed in the lives of all those affected.

Bishop D.L. Knoblich

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Emerge Renovation Dedication

Today I was privileged to minister the Word at the Emerge Church of God of Prophecy in Lebanon, Tennessee.  My wife Debra and two grandchildren, Reagan and Madison traveled with me and were present too.

Walking into the new entrance-way and sanctuary were like walking into a brand-new church building.  The church, under the direction of Pastoral Team Larry and Kelly Meadors have overseen what can justly be described as a transformation like nothing I have ever seen.  Gone is the old worn look of much use and in its place a more youthful, vibrant and colorful facility.  I do not have the words to express the change.  If you have ever attended that church, you need to see it now.  Wow!

As always, we received a warm welcome and was so thrilled to see all of the progress of the work there.  Along with old friends, there are a lot of new congregants.  The worship team was excellent and filled with the Spirit  

The ladies of the church honored my wife for her birthday (March 21st) and showed their love to her.  

I am thankful to be a part of a growing, thriving church that has an eye on the future and not the past. Congratulations Pastors Meadors and congregation.  Thank you for allowing me to be with you on such a special day.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Birthday

Today is a special day around our house. My wife, Debra is celebrating her birthday. My life is worth living because she is a major part of it. She is full of love for people, is an avid prayer warrior and loves unconditionally. HAPPY BIRTHDAY....I love you. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

From the North American Presbyter's Office:

As of February 14th, there are over 3700 delegates registered for the upcoming International Assembly in Orlando! 

We would love to have an accurate idea of how many delegates will be attending this summer's International Assembly BREAKTHROUGH! In order to make this happen, we need your help! If you will be attending (not just needing a room reservation),
PLEASE follow this link: and click on the red "Register Here" button, follow the steps of registration.
This information will help us be prepared for the record crowd that we are expecting!

The third hotel has been opened for reservations in our system.
Rosen Inn International 7600 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

* Rate for this hotel is also $79 + tax per night.
* Refrigerators and microwaves are available in each room.
* Parking at Rosen International is covered with your room cost
* Parking at Rosen Shingle Creek Resort/Convention Center is FREE!
* A 15% discount at all Rosen Shingle Creek Restaurants
* A shuttle will be provided to and from Pointe Orlando to Shingle Creek at no charge to Assembly Delegates

Currently, there are NO ROOMS AVAILABLE at Rosen Shingle Creek or Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando. If someone would like to transfer their reservation to Rosen Inn International, please have them contact the Assembly Office at (423) 559-5230.


Here is a link to the current International Assembly Schedule of Events and Program:
Be empowered by the Spirit!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Special prayer requests

Please help us pray...

Jerry Brooks, father of our State Missions Coordinator Michelle Brooks-Young is hospitalized in Nashville with heart issues.

Lori Metcalf Washburn wife of District Presbyter and Springplace Pastor Eric Washburn will be undergoing surgery today.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

International Assembly Update

Assembly Update 2/4/2014

This morning, there are 3300+ delegates registered for the upcoming International Assembly in Orlando! What an amazing time together it will be!
We would love to have an accurate idea of how many delegates will be attending this summer's International Assembly BREAKTHROUGH! In order to make this happen, we need your help! If you will be attending (not just needing a room reservation), PLEASE follow this link: and click on the red "Register Here" button, follow the steps of registration.

This information will help us be prepared for the record crowd that we are expecting!  

As you already know, a second hotel, Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando, has been opened for reservations. Here is the website for more information:
There are important perks to staying at Pointe Orlando you should be aware of:
*  Rosen Inn @ Pointe Orlando is offering a rate for International Assembly delegates of $79/+tax per night.

*  Rooms include microwave & refrigerator
*  Parking at Pointe Orlando is covered with your room cost.
*  Parking at Rosen Shingle Creek Resort/Convention Center is FREE! The cost of parking at the Assembly has been negotiated free for those staying at Pointe Orlando.
*  A 15% discount at all Rosen Shingle Creek Restaurants
*  A shuttle will be provided to and from Pointe Orlando to Shingle Creek at no charge to Assembly Delegates!
Currently, there are NO ROOMS AVAILABLE at Rosen Shingle Creek. If someone would like to transfer their reservation to Rosen Pointe Orlando at this amazing rate, please have them contact the Assembly Office at (423) 559-2130.

Mears Shuttle

Mears 24-hour Shuttle is available from Orlando International Airport (MCO). The Mears booth is located below baggage claim. For complete directions for utilizing Mears, click here. Cost: $19.00 one-way. $30.00 round trip.  To view a coupon for Mears, click here [pdf]. Visit our custom discounted airport shuttle and attraction ticket website:


Discounted rates to and from conference hotels are $16 one way and $28 round trip. Click here to book your reservations.

One-Way Taxi Service

A one-way taxi to the Rosen Shingle Creek from the Orlando airport (MCO) is approximately $35.