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District Meeting - Big Sandy

Our next District meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night (April 1, 2007) at the Big Sandy church. We are looking forward to another great meeting as the state staff presents information from their areas of responsibility.

The services will begin at 6:00 p.m. and we invite everyone to attend.

Funeral Arrangements for James "Pop" Lee

I just received the funeral arrangements for James Lee.

Visitation will be Monday, April 2, 2007 at 404 S. Moore Road in Chattanooga.

Funeral services will be 2:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 3, 2007 at the Hickory Valley Church located at 2201 Hickory Valley Road, also in Chattanooga.

Please help us pray for the entire Lee family during this difficult time.

Death Notice - James Lee

Dear Friends,

I just received word from Bishop Rick Lee and Theresa, our Regional Overseer of the Northwest Territory (Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming) that his father, Jimmy Lee passed away a few moments ago. Please keep this family in your prayers as they deal with this loss. As arrangements are made, I will make them available to you.

Thank you for your prayers.

Shaun McKinley | Administrative Liaison to the General Overseer (Oficial de Enlace Administrativo del Supervisor General)

Connections Newsletter

Church of God of Prophecy International Offices
March 30, 2007

Global Awareness Disciples

Youth Group with a Heart for Missions
by Annette Taylor, Harvest Partners,

In Louisville, Kentucky, immediately following the Mission Encounter at the 2004 International General Assembly, I met an enthusiastic young lady by the name of Shelly Symonds, who was serving as the State Youth Director for Washington. It was evident at our first meeting that Shelly exuded a great passion for the mission network of our Church and that definitely caught my interest and attention.

Within a few short weeks following the 2004 Assembly, Shelly contacted me expressing interest in the Washington State Youth Group becoming involved in the Harvest Partners Ministry. Naturally, my antenna rose even more at such passion, conviction, and interest in missions, especially from young people. Therefore, our journey began.

In this article, I would like to spotlight the Global Awareness Discip…

Tennessee Ladies Day

Tennessee Ladies Day is April 27 & 28 at the state campground. Applications should be postmarked no later than April 5th to receive the early-bird discount (a savings of $10.00) All ladies are encouraged to send in applications today!

Note: Applications have been mailed to Women's Ministries Directors and pastor's wives. They are also available online at

Urgent Prayer Request


I am sending this email prayer request on behalf of Bishop Rick Lee (Northwest Territories Region). His father James "Pop" Lee is in critical condition in Chattanooga Hospice. The doctors have called and told the family that they don't believe Pop will make it through the night unless something happens. He has been ill for a long time, and at his advanced age the prognosis is not good.

Rick and Theresa called us from the Denver, CO airport, where they are enroute to Tennessee. There was terrible snow in Wyoming, and they need a break in the weather, and for God's grace during their difficult time.

Rick is the new overseer of MT, ND, SD, WY and is doing a good job. He and Theresa are from Tennessee and have worked here over the years. We all know about the difficulties of being so far away from our families when they urgently need us. Please helps us pray tonight (or whenever you receive this).

God bless, I love and appreciate you all.

E.C. McKinley

Mission Update

The first step in mission is always a transformed life, an authentically Christian life. Actions and words should never be divorced. David Bosch remarked, "The deed without the word is dumb; the word without the deed is empty." But the center of mission is the message of Christ's life, death, resurrection, victory, kingdom and rule in the hearts of men. That message is being told all over the world with incredible results. During the month of March we celebrate the power of the Word proclaimed and lived out around the world. You will renew your passion for proclamation and witness as you read the ministry diaries of some of our dedicated overseer-evangelists. Share these modern day "Acts of the Apostles" with your congregation, class, youth group, friends, and colleagues. Their hearts will burn with yours.

Proclaiming Good News in Congo Brazzaville

December was a typical month in the ministry of overseer Mukendy Bitchy [pronounced Bee-chee]. A four-day revival ca…

Cleveland-Chattanooga District Meeting

On Sunday night, the churches of the Cleveland/Chattanooga district gathered at the Keith Street Ministries Church for our annual informational rally. There was a full-house, with people in the overflows, and some actually standing.

The Lord blessed in a special way as the worship service was conducted, and the Lord ministered in such special way during the altar service.

Special thanks to Bishop A.J. Coalter, the district overseer for his organizing and moderatin of the services. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our churches and we are thankful for them!

Knoxville Harvest

Yesterday morning, Debra and I visited with and ministered at the Knoxville Harvest Fellowship Church. It was a joyous occasion as the local church burned their mortage.

The loan of over $200,000 was paid off in five years, and the church is rightfully rejoicing because of the goodness of the Lord. Pastor Ken Dyer and the congregation are to be congratulated on this milestone of achievement.

It was also good to see Dan and Jan Palmer present, as well as the regular folks and some that we had not met before. God is good!

Huntingdon Revival

Last night, I had the privilege to preach at the Huntingdon church, where they have been in revival since Wednesday. Pastor Milton Gordon and the congregation gave me a warm welcome.

The revival services continue through Sunday night.

Long-time gone

It seems as if its been a month since I've posted to this blog. Of course, I can simply check the blog to see that I posted earlier in the week.

I was in Cleveland yesterday, where I brought the devotion at the upper-room prayer service for the International Offices staff. I really felt like the Lord gave me a word for them, and it was great to worship with such wonderful people. Yesterday was also my wife, Debra's birthday and since this trip coincided with her birthday, I was able to give her what she wanted more than anything....the whole day with our granddaughter, Reagan.

Today, I am scheduled to participate in a press conference in Cleveland for the National Day of Prayer. The press conference will be followed by a prayer luncheon at the Holiday Inn. I am honored to be participating in this event, and I do hope that our churches, and especially our ministry will be involved in the events. We will be back in the office late today.

Thanks for checking in. God bless.

Niagara Falls Regional Ladies Retreat

As I write this morning, I am looking out the window at what is predicted to be 12" of snow.

Debra and I are in Ontario, Canada at the Niagara Falls Regional Ladies Retreat where Debra is teaching twice. From our hotel window, we have a direct view of Niagara Falls.

There is an excited crowd and the worship and ministry has been especially rich as the ladies have gathered.

I thought I would share just a couple of photos that we were able to take before the snow moved in. God bless

Death Notice - Mary Akers

I am saddened to announce the passing of Sister Mary Akers, widow of former pastor William Akers. The Akers pastored many years in Tennessee, and Brother Akers passed away while serving as the church at Gallatin.

Visitation is tonight from 5-8 at the Alexander Funeral Home in Gallatin. Services will be tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. at the same location with Bishop James Wallace officiating.

Please join me in prayer for this precious family.

WOW! What a difficult tech week it has been...

This past week has been one for the record books. All week long, we have been wrangling with our internet provider to get our web presence transferred from our old provider to a new one. I have been extremely dissatisfied with our provider because we couldn't get "basic" customer service.

That has meant that we have been unable to get our new site up and running, which will feature more user-friendly pages.

I apologize for the delay in posts on this site and that the new site is not up and running, however we are working on it.

District Meeting - McMinnville

Tonight, churches gathered at the McMinnville (North Hills) church for our District Pentecostal Power Meeting in that area. Our district presbyter, Bishop A.J. Coalter did a wonderful job of moderating the service and there was a wonderful freedom of worship.

As always, our State Staff did a wonderful job of promoting their particular area of ministry and we are looking forward to great year ahead.

Special thanks to Pastor Michael Harris and the North Hills church for hosting the event.

State Website Will Be Down Temporarily

Hi folks. Just a quick note to let you know that our State Website is going to be down temporarily. The site is found at:

This is because I have finally reached the point that I MUST move to a new provider's server. This is due to my frustration with customer service and the inability to get something done.

In the mean time, if you would like to keep up on events while undergoing change, you can click here and save this address to your browser.

Once we have changed providers, I am convinced you will find the new site more productive, appealing and YES, we should be able to finally do online reporting correctly.

I apologize ahead of time for this inconvenience.

Death Notice - Eddie Elijah Elliott

This is the son-in-law of our pastor at Dickson, Brother Glen O'Kain.

Eddie Elijah Elliott
Visitation from 11am till 12pm
At the New Hope Baptist Church on Hwy 47 across from the Fairgrounds
The funeral will be at 12pm

Please join me in prayer for this family

CCMN Update

Hello World!

Our new CCMN website, is up and running. It is a work in progress. Some things are active, some are not! On our CCMN News page we have a message board forum, just for you!! Register today and "Let's Talk!" If you are getting this twice sorry!

Connecting people, Connecting Faith, Connecting Generations,


Campmeeting - Lakemoore

Brother McKinley we are having Campmeeting this weekend with Evangelist Brian Taylor and Betty Jean Robinson Saturday the 10th at 7pm and Sunday morning the 11th at 10:30am. Sunday evening Bishop Munawar S. Khan Overseer of Pakistan will be ministering at 6:00pm. Come if you can and announce this for us.

God Bless,
Pastor Robert Carpenter

From Hate to Faith

The Church Of God Of Prophecy at Oliver Springs would like to invite you to come and listen to Jim Tull, a former leader of the Aryan Brotherhood - a secret society that espouses hatred of minorities and is also associated with a motorcycle gang known for its cruelty and criminal activities.

Jim Tull has a message that will hit home to everyone from the youth to your grandmother. His testimony includes how he "violated all 10 commandments" and how he taught hatred and violence.

WHEN: Saturday, March 10th at 6:00 P.M.
WHERE: The Church of God of Prophecy, Oliver Springs.



Thank you and God bless.

News from Districts 9 and 10


Hello Pastor:

Just a reminder about revival at Lakeside with Bishop Mike Willingham.
He will be here Sunday morning, March 11th through Wednesday night
March 14th, at 7:00 pm each evening. No Sunday night service.

If you can attend one night or announce so that if any one would like
to be with us they can come I will appreciate it.

West Nashville has sold their church and in the process of selling the
parsonage and are very excited about relocating. Keep them in your
prayers that they can make this transition smoothly.

According to the pastors I have talked with lately, attendance is
climbing as well as the Spirit being very visible in their services.

It appears that God is blessing our sister churches in Districts #9 &
#10. I believe God is working and doing new things among us. Don't
miss what God is trying to do through you and your church!!!!!!

Upcoming Revival




SCRIPTURE THEME: Ephesians 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.







Update from new work at Henderson, Tennessee

We started the church at Henderson with the purpose of reaching those that are considered outcast. Those that are on the outer edge of the influence of the Body of Christ and beyond. The name “Living Waters Fellowship” was decided upon because we wanted to be a vessel of continuous use by God thru which the Living Water (Jesus) could flow to the highways and hedges. This agreement was reached not just by the influence of the Pastor, but was in the heart of all those present. This mission is preached, sung, taught, testified and encouraged continuously.
God gave us our first and great opportunity just before Christmas. The Church had agreed to minister to our local nursing home in Henderson. Upon giving our vision to the activities director, she informed the pastor of a couple that ministered to the residents. This couple from the local Assembly of God had made contact with Sabrina Pierre who approximately 1 ½ years ago had a devastating auto accident and was mostly paralyzed. Sabrina…

30 Great Years Together....

Thirty-years-ago today, Debra and I were married at the Church of God of Prophecy in Evansville, Indiana. I had just returned from oversees (serving in the U.S. Army) and was actually being reassigned to Fort Knox, Kentucky.

All day long, I have been thinking about the last 30 years we've had together, and I can honestly say that I haven not regretted being married to Debra for one minute. We've been blessed by two children who make us proud and a wonderful daughter-in-law, and of course our first grandchild, a little girl named Reagan.

I have to also say that our years have been fascinating and never a dull moment. I have prayed today and asked the Lord to give us at least 30 more years together.

Sunday Morning - Georgia Ladies Retreat

As I write today, I am about an hour and a half from getting on the road to return home from our weekend at the Georgia Ladies Retreat. It has been a great time of fellowship and the rich Presence of the Holy Ghost.

Charlotte Adams, the wife of the State Overseer, Bishop Billy Adams did a wonderful job of organizing, moderating and guiding the retreat. Her love for the ladies in Georgia is obvious.

Brother and Sister Adams gave us a warm welcome, and the only problem was that we didn't get to spend a little more time together. We also appreciate the wonderful ladies of Georgia, and their kindness.

We are looking forward to "hitting the ground running" when we return home today. I trust you each had wonderful services filled with the presence of the Holy Ghost.

God is good....All the time!

Saturday Night - Georgia Ladies Retreat

This morning at the Georgia Ladies Retreat, the State Bishop, Billy Adams preached a powerful word to the ladies about abiding under the Shadow of God. This was followed by a great altar service.

Tonight, Debra minister to some 200 ladies and shared about the necessity of true worship in the church. This was followed by a time of ministry to the ladies, as they passed through a prayer line, and many received one-on-one counsel. God moved in a special way, with such a sweet, sweet spirit.

We are so blessed to be able to be in the Presence of the Lord and to worship Him.

Georgia Ladies Retreat

Yesterday, Debra and I were in Cleveland, in that I had an Administrative Committe meeting. We took the opportunity to spend some time with our new grandchild, Reagan and her parents Shaun and Stephanie.

Today, Debra and I travled to Lizella, Georgia, where Debra is serving as the guest speaker for the Georgia ladies Retreat. Because I had to miss the North American Overseer's meeting last week (due to our marriage retreat being on the same weekend), I came with her to debrief with the Overseer of Georgia, Bishop Billy Adams. This will give me the opportunity to catch up on the things I might have missed.

On the first night of the retreat, the overseer's wife Charlotte gave an excellent presentation that ministered to the ladies.

Please pray for Debra as she ministers this weekend. God bless.

Marriage Retreat - Final

It appears that the marriage retreat held this last weekend was a great success. I want to take this time to thank all who helped us withh this project. My wife Debra worked long and hard to get things done. She was assisted by Londa Richardson, Mike and Monica Luithle, Shannon Bowdoin, Terry Bear, our board, Winston and Vernetta Reid, Paul and Barbara Holt and John A. and Judy Stone, and of course, our guest speakers, Vic and Mary Pearson.

We are looking forward to next year with great anticipation, and looking forward to all of you joining us.

As a special note:

Audio CDs of each session are available for $5.00 and DVDs are available for only $7.00 each, and if you would like to order the whole set, the you can get the whold CD set for $15.00 or the whole DVD set for $25.00

Just email me with your mailing information and I'd be happy to work it out. God bless.

Send email to