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Children's Ministries

Effective October 1, 2009, Kim Batson will assume the Children's Ministries responsibilities for the entire State of Tennessee. Prior to this date, she has been responsible for the Middle and West parts of the State only.

Special thanks to Shaun McKinley for his hard work and dedication to the Eastern portion of Tennessee. His hard work and inspiration have been a wonderful asset to the State Staff.

I know we can count on your support for Kim.

District Fellowship - District Presbyter Gary Riley

Dear Fellow Pastors and Ministers,

Thank you for the wonderful response to our bi-district fellowship service! What a wonderful spirit of worship and fellowship that was felt. Thank you for boosting this in your local churches and thank you for your friendship and support in our districts.

It was so good to see representatives from 13 churches with 222 people from these churches coming together to worship the Lord and to fellowship with one another. That is one part of the beauty of the Body of Christ.

Thank you again for the generous love offering of $830.00 that was given to help Bro. James Mackens who is still recovering from surgery and the congregation at Cumberland Furnace. May God richly bless everyone of you for your generosity.

Special thanks to Bro. Terry Bear for the timely and anointed message he brought forth last night. And to all the singers and musicans that blessed our people. Thank you Burns youth dept. for a fine drama presentation that blessed all the people. Ke…

Arrowhead 30th Anniversary

The Arrowhead Church in Knoxville celebrated their 30th year in their present location. Formerly known as "Ward's Chapel" and the "Vestel" church, this local body is making a great difference in their community and beyond.

Debra and I were pleased to be with the wonderful people there, and also to meet the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of some of our ministers who have passed so long ago, notably, the grandchild and great grandchild of Z.R. Young.

Pastor Terry and Sharon Barnwell did a wonderful job, and their team performed with excellence as usual.

It was also a wonderful opportunity to share with many of the friends of the church who were watching the live video stream of the service. What a great A/V team!

I am always so thrilled to see local churches move forward with vision and a commitment to reach a lost world, staring in their own community.

General Assembly Reports

The reports to be presented at the International Assembly in July 2010 are now available for download and study. I have just downloaded the Finance and Stewardship report for review. I encourage our ministry and members to begin reviewing these documents so you may have an active role in the business decisions of our local church.

You may download the reports at the International Ministries website:

Lt. Colonel Oliver North

This past weekend, Debra and I were blessed to attend the Freedom Concert in Atlanta, Georgia. This concert weekend was a Christmas gift (from 2008) from our son and his family. Hosted by Sean Hannity and the Freedom Alliance it was a stirring tribute to the men and women who are serving our nation during the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, and to raise money to provide education for the children of those killed in action.

One of the highlights of the weekend was my opportunity to have Lt. Colonel Oliver North sign a book entitled "Heroes," and have a brief moment to meet him. I have to tell you, I've followed Colonel North since before the Reagan administration, and consider him to be a great American hero. His service to our nation in the United States Marine Corps and in the National Security Administration of the Reagan Administration, and most recently as an avid support of the United States Military and first responders. His efforts have been tireless to bring at…

Another Productive Week

As we reach the end of the work week, I am looking back and reflecting on the last few days. We have experienced a week of God's favor in our travel and the work of the Lord; for this, we are grateful.

I've reflected on the absolute joy of serving with such men of integrity on the International Administrative Committee, and observing the passion of those engaged in this great harvest.

Yesterday, I was again privileged to meet with our District Presbyters in my office. In both of these meetings I was able to draw from their wisdom and years of service. None of us can complete this journey without others.

Our State staff if always diligent, especially since we are understaffed. Each of them help pick up the load and share it. I am a blessed man.

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Connecting Women Leadership Conference

"Connecting Women" is the theme of our fall women's leadership conferences.

All Tennessee ladies are invited to join us at Chattanooga (Chickamauga Loop) Saturday, October 3rd, Ridgely - October 24th, or Crab Orchard - November 7th.

More details will be shared soon.

Mark your calendar today!

State Evangelist Scheduling

Dear Pastor,

I am in the process of wrapping up my Fall 2009 revival schedule and very few dates are still available.

If you are looking for an evangelist this fall, the dates we still have available are Sept. 20-23, Nov. 11-15 or 15-18, and Dec. 13-16. We can also narrow down those dates to consist of just the weekend as well.

Also, don’t forget that as of this past State Convention we are now serving Tennessee as State Youth Director, and we would also love the opportunity to come and minister to the youth of your church. If we can assist you in any way, you can contact me at or by phone at 931-200-1548.

Thank you and God bless!

Tim Farmer
Tennessee State Evangelist and Youth Director

State Calendar Updates

We are currently adding to upcoming events in the State of Tennessee calendar, and all of these updates will be posted to our website. I encourage you to check regularly for new events to be added. Events such as:
Ladie's Days Men's Retreat Training Opportunities Children's Ministries Intensives Youth Ministries Events District-wide pastoral gatherings District-wide leadership events (formerly known as District Conventions) Youth Camps
To see the calendar, simply go to our website at and click on the calendar on the right side of the page. It is our aim to keep this calendar at the forefront as much as possible. God bless you!

Men's Retreat Date Set

The 2010 TN State Men's retreat at Camp Hickory Hills will be April 16th & 17th. Please feel free to put this date out.

I am very excited about the retreat and the new events we are planning for the men. Our goal is to have Spirit filled sessions of ministering with; a golf scramble mid-day Friday, a horse shoe tournament and skeet shoot.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please contact me.
In Christ,

Pastor Mike Jennette
Empowered Ministries Church
1415 Hwy. 70 East
Dickson, TN 37055

Sunday Church Visits

Early this morning, Debra and I left the house early in order to visit with the church at Tullahoma. We had a great drive over and really enjoyed the trip. The church at Tullahoma extended us a great welcome, and Pastors William and Barbara Pritchett presented us with a special gift because they were not able to attend the pastor's luncheon at the beginning of the 2009 State Convention. During that luncheon, Londa surpised Debra with a "candle" shower and Sister Pritchett gave Debra a beautiful candle, and because I was given a "birthday" shower of cards, Sister Pritchett presented me with the most wonderful chocolate cake you've ever put in your mouth. What a sight it must have been to see us driving from Tullahoma to the interstate eating cake off the plates she gave us. We had a great service, with excellent worship and the anointing was fresh.

After services, we joined the Pritchetts at the local Red Lobster for a great lunch and beautiful fellowshi…

Open Letter from Joshua Lynn of thanks

Dear Friends and Fellow Ministers,

I have been waiting to share some news with you all for a long period but there was no news to share until now. As most of you know, during the 2009 Tennessee State Convention Tim Farmer was appointed to take on the responsibility of state youth ministries. I am excited for Tennessee because this will allow Bro. Tim to be full time in state ministry (Youth and Evangelism), which I believe is a great opportunity from our part time status. As for our family, we knew we were in a transition but never knew where, what, or when it would occur.

We have prayed about several opportunities that we were presented with from the north to the south. We were believing God for a place to call home and a church that wanted to impact it's community. This last week God opened a door and He gave us peace to accept. I am excited to share that Sunday, August 23 will be my first Sunday as senior pastor of Leesburg Church of God of Prophecy (Alabama). Bishop Jon…

Arrowhead Anniversary Church

August 30th, 2009On August 26th, 1979 the Arrowhead Church congregation moved into their new building located on John Sevier Hwy. This is a church family with a long and rich history.Beginning at “Wards Chapel”, then moving to the “Vestal Church”, the years are filled with special memories by all who make up the “Arrowhead Church Family”.You are cordially invited to join with us on Sunday morning August 30th, 2009 in a grand celebration of God’s blessings over the years.The service will start promptly at 9:45am as members of the Old Vestal church choir opens the service with songs from the past! There will be special singing and much reflection upon God’s goodness to this church family.Lunch will be served following the service where you can visit and enjoy fellowship while you eat.Special Guest Speakers include; Bishop E.C. McKinley, and Bro. Edsel Hartman.There will be many presentations and testimonies. Pastor Terry Barnwell will give a final challenge entitled;“Where do we go fro…

Tullahoma Visit

This coming Sunday morning, August 14, 2009, Debra and I are looking forward to ministering at the Tullahoma Church of God of Prophecy. We invite all of our friends who are able to join us for a great time of worship and celebration. Services will begin at 10:00 a.m.

Note from Murfreesboro

Blessings sent your way, just wanted to drop you a line to inform you of our 2nd annual car show at the Murfreesboro church this Saturday between 3 pm till 7 pm.

We are expecting a lot of vintage cars, grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and lots of free door prizes (Good ones too) and a 50/50 drawing, and plenty of old 50's music.

Operation Omega Update

We hope you all are having a great summer. It's been quite a busy few months. We held our first training event in Honduras, Central America at the end of May. We had more than 500 in attendance and trained over 350 youth leaders. Currently we are in camp and convention season. We attended Kentucky's senior camp in early June. The week ended with several being filled with the Holy Spirit, in addition to salvation experiences. We also attended the Idaho-Oregon-Utah (IOU) and Georgia conventions. The youth in the IOU region are hungry for God and we look forward to great things from them. Georgia’s youth program was awesome. The youth are vibrant and excited about what God is doing in their lives and churches. They also had a great camp season with over 200 saved and more than 150 filled. Trevor also had an opportunity to minister at the Western Canada youth camp where God’s grace and power visited the youth mightily. We are finally back in the office after almost 3 w…

A Statement on Same-Sex Marriage

Greetings Minister,

Recently, a number of states have approved amendments allowing same-sex unions/marriages to be performed and recognized within their states. In these states, a number of our churches are now finding themselves operating in the center of this debate, and many fear that this issue will soon find itself on the doorstep of their local church as couples in biblically invalid relationships seek to conduct ceremonies in their local church.

The Church of God of Prophecy believes that marriage is a lifelong institution, established by God, between a man and woman joined as husband and wife. By its very nature, marriage exists for the mutual love and support of spouses, for the procreation and training of children, and as a foundation for community. Marriage as an institution is important to the continuation of the human race and to the dignity, stability, and prosperity of the family unit and society.

Because the marital relationship offers these and many other benefits to …

Affirmation to be Presented at the 96th International Assembly Next Year

Biblical Doctrine and Polity Committee
Statement for Affirmation to the 96th International Assembly

(for Affirmation, Not for Decision)

During the last three decades, the Holy Spirit has been poured out to such an extent that most believe we are living in the time of the fulfillment of Acts 2:15–18, when God said, “I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh.” Spirit-filled believers make up the largest and fastest-growing segment of reformation Christianity in the world. The academic world is interested; governments are interested; books are being written; and studies are being done about this worldwide movement.

At the same time, the Western world of Christianity seems to be slowed or drifting from Spirit-filled influence. During the last decade, there has been external influence by misconceptions portrayed in the media as well as internal influence from Christian leaders to distract, suppress, and, in some cases, outright oppose any visible m…

Battlefront Ministries at Livingston

The Lord is blessing so wonderfully at the Church of God of Prophecy in
Livingston TN located behind the hospital at the intersection of 5th
street and College. We went for a Saturday night and Sunday morning
service and it was so obvious that God had more in mind. This Has turned
into a revival that is currently planned through Wed. night. So far 5
have received The Baptism in the Holy Ghost and the move of the Spirit
has been like a river.

directions...111 to Livingston
left after the Dairy Queen (there is a blue hospital sign)
right on 5th street past the hospital
the church is at the corner!!!

The mom and dad from the Rickman church that had all 3 sons Baptized in
the Holy ghost in the same service at Indian Lake were there and they
were shouting the victory and so were all three of there boys!!!

Scholarships for PTS through TC

Click on the image to enlarge


Today, I met with our District Presbyters in my office to help outline state-wide events in Tennessee for the next 12 months. I am so thankful to these brethren for joining me in the office, as our fellowship is always rich and rewarding.

Most of the events are now up on our State Calendar at the website, and they will be changing as I continue meeting and planning with different elements of the state staff. My next meeting will be with the childrens/youth departments and then the rest of the staff.

To check out he calendar CLICK HERE. Simply click on the calendar at the bottom right of the page.


Back to School Bash

Back to School Bash is coming to an area near you. Please prepare now to attend a wonderful day of food, fellowship, fun, worship, and God's Word.

We ensure our children have the school supplies, clothing, and shoes they need to begin the new school year. It is very important that we ensure they are prepared spiritually to return to school each year.

Our children spend between 7-8 hours each day at school. School as a huge influence in our children's lives. I want to ensure they are prepared to Stand for God in this new year.

August 29th: Curtis Hill Church in Selmer, Tennessee: 10am
September 12th: Lebanon Church: 3pm
September 19th: Grace Chapel in Ashland City: 3pm

For further information, please contact Kim Batson at 615-604-7484 or

New Minister ID Cards

This message is intended for all ministers licensed by the Church of God of Prophecy living in Tennessee.

A new identification card is being issued by the General Overseer's office. This is a much-needed upgrade to the old "card-stock" identification card, and is constituted of PVC which will include your photograph. This is an excellent upgrade which will provide you with a professional identification card for hospitals, prisons, and other places where ministers are required to show identification.


These cards will be issued in "blocks" instead of being individually submitted, therefore, the following is needed as soon as possible:

1. A "Passport" photo of the minister. (These may obtained at Walgreen's and other vendors)
2. Your license number, and ministry rank
3. Your current mailing address (please include an email address)

I will be sending these as "batches" instead of individually, so please do this immediatelyso your …

Vacation is over

Dear Friends,
It has now been well over one week since I last posted on our blog. Debra, Lindsey and I made a trip to Nassau, Bahamas where we rested, relaxed and recuperated. This trip had been planned since the spring of the year and it was really needed. While most overseers take the week after their convention to relax and unwind, we chose rather to wait a few weeks to handle unfinished business so the vacation would be as trouble-free as possible.
Our flight left early last Monday from Nashville, and by early afternoon we were going through customs at Nassau. It was a great week of rest, and I didn't really know how needed it was until I returned to Nashville yesterday. Debra and Lindsey took in a lot of the sights and they allowed me to read a couple of books I've been trying to read for over a month. I rested, listened to music and one whole afternoon I simply sat in an overstuffed chair quietly reflecting and meditating on the work of God in general, and for my per…