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What in the world is going on..

What in the world is going on? That is a question that I hear asked on a regular basis. I hear it from the news anchors asking their invited "experts" and I hear it from people in our churches. The person only has to ask the questions and you will hear a plethora of answers. 
If you ask the politically-minded, the answers are as varied as can be. "Well, it's the democrats, or its the republicans who are to blame." The activist will say, "its because of America's foreign policy." The race-baiter says, "the (fill in the blank) people are to blame they are just keeping us down." The prophetic will say, "its the end of the world." Again, the answers are as varied as there are people. Believe it or not, everyone has the right to their own opinion. But with all of these answers, there is one answer that can be found by simply reading this one verse, what is it? I'm glad you asked.
"Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin i…

Death Notice - Hazel Guire

Received this from Rhonda Jennette:

Wanted to announce that my Granny Guire (Hazel Guire) made her final journey home today. At 1:23 she entered Heaven. Her arrangements are as follows:

Visitation will be at Spann Funeral Home in Dickson Tn tomorrow on Jan. 12 visitation hours are 2-8 pm. The funeral will be Wednesday Jan. 13 at Empowered Ministries Church at 11:00. Thank you all for your support and prayers.

2016 Marriage Retreat Update

We are asking that those couples planning to attend the 2016 Tennessee Marriage Retreat (February 12-14, 2016 Pigeon Forge, TN), please send in their registration now, or go online and register at We have a block of rooms reserved, but the hotel can drop rooms after January 12th. Please, if you know of anyone who is mailing their registration or is planning on attending, please provide us a list from your church of the couples you know is attending by the 12th. Send that info to We this point we still have a few rooms available.


For as long as I can remember, my mother was a praying woman.  Until the day she suffered a stroke and sudden onset of Alzheimer's Disease, one of my best memories was her prayers.  She had a deep relationship with Christ that was the result of a dedicated prayer life.

As a child growing up, she had a difficult life.  Born in the late 1920's she was child in rural Kentucky during the days of the Great Depression.  Adding to the difficult times of the depression, her mother died when she was only four-years-old.  As a child myself, I grew up listening to the stories of her daily difficulties that came primarily from being a small child in a very large family.  She told of the 1937 flood in the Ohio Valley, a flood so great that it changed the course of rivers and uprooted entire small towns.  Vividly, she shared how she watched her father (my namesake) walk to the edge of the waterline at flood stage to see how close the water was to the small
cabin where the large family of …
Global Prayer Chain (NEW)—Bishop Clements has asked that we form a 24-hour global prayer chain to insure that our intercessors are mobilized to offer continuous prayer during the 21 Days of Prayer. He has assigned each state or nation a particular time segment to pray during the prayer chain. 
Tennessee has been assigned the following time slot, in your time zone: 7-8 PM