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That man needs prayer...

We are surrounded by need.  It doesn't take an especially observant person to see it, but it dawns on me today that one of those persons who is the neediest of all may go unnoticed.  

Like most people, I have a routine that starts when my feet hit the floor and I prepare for the day that is ahead.  A bleary-eyed trip to the coffeemaker, where the "mountain-grown" aroma fills the room.  My favorite cup is filled and I flip on the news channel to see what has taken place the night before around the world.  With the first few sips of the coffee, my eyes focus on the screen to see a world filled with misery.  We all know the world is in a mess, but when I go to the local channel, I find it is no different closer to where I just slept.  We need to pray for all those people!

My favorite local newscaster tells of another shooting overnight in Nashville, and on some mornings, more than one.  A local convenience market is robbed at gunpoint, a homeless person is stabbed...traffic i…