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Online Reporting Information

Dear Tennessee Ministers,

If you take advantage of the online reporting feature at our state website, you have already noticed there is an error.  Please note that this is not an error on your part, but I somehow have deleted a portion of html text and have not been able to find and repair it.

I am working diligently on this to restore it, so please be patient with me as I continue trying to figure it out.

God bless,

Brother McKinley

Death Notice - Jack McClain

I received this message from District Presbyter, Bishop Denny Ledford

Bro. McKinley:

I just wanted to inform you of the death of my brother-in-law, Jack McClain on Wednesday, Feb. 13. He was a member of the Arrowhead Church and was a deacon for 44 years. He pastored the church in Maryville in 1976 and 1977. He is survived by his wife Wilma and son Jeff.

Please pray for the family.

Bro. Ledford

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2013 Summer Youth Camps


A Good Word From Sharon Farrugia


"I found some old notes this morning, one to myself, "Never start a ministry unless you have become that ministry." In other words, don't throw towels at people, Sharon and tell them to serve unless you already are doing that! Don't try to start a food ministry unless you have observed those around you and are already feeding them and helping them from your own resources. On and on it goes...if we are not willing to be that ministry in our own life and demonstrate it to others we cannot expect others to be it for us just because we had a good idea."