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Ladies Day 2008


Eight weeks from this weekend, hundreds of ladies will gather at Camp Hickory Hills for Tennessee Ladies Day.

Applications have been mailed and all are encouraged to register early. This year's guest speaker is Sylvia Staten from South Carolina.

We are anticipating a powerful event where the GLORY of the Lord will fill the house!

Please plan to join us April 25th & 26th (and bring a friend.)

Londa Richardson

Passing notice - Carol Howell

I am saddened to share the information that Carol Howell passed away this morning. She had been struggling with failing health for some time. Carol is no stranger to most folks in Tennessee, as she has worked at our International Offices, and managed one of the White Wing Bookstores. Here husband Dan has be the announcer and producer for Voice of Salvation for many years, and is well known in the Chattanooga area as a local television personality.

Visitation will be from 5-8 PM on Friday and the services will be held at 1:00 P.M. on Saturday at the Keith Street Church, located at 4000 Keith Street in Cleveland, TN

Please join me in prayers for the Howell family.

General Assembly Theme - 2008

Grimsley Church

This morning, Debra and I ministered at the Grimsley church, where Jerry and Jewell Payne serve. We received a wonderful welcome, and the folks there were so kind to us. After the morning service, we shared a great meal with the Paynes, Julia and the girls at their home in Clarkrange.

Many of you will remember that Jerry underwent a liver transplant over one-year-ago, and he is doing marvelous! We are so thankful for the Lord's help and His mercy! God bless.

Couple's Banquet

Tonight (Saturday) Debra and I were honored to be the guest for a couples banquet at the Columbia church. Many of you may know that we served as Senior Pastor there for eight years, from 1990 to 1998. It was good to see so many old friends, but to make some new ones as well.

Also in attendance were Michael and Ann Willingham, who are there for a revival meeting starting tomorrow morning and ending on Wednesday night.

It was a great time of fellowship and we were blessed to be there. Just as soon as the meeting was over, we got in the car and headed to the plateau, where we will be ministering in the morning at the the Grimsley church.

Update on John Payne

Greetings All,

Well, this has been a whirlwind week and God is so good.

John did well through a lengthy surgery yesterday and
Dr Winger gave us wonderful assurances that all is well.
In surgery they removed about 7-8 inches of colon around
the tumor.

John was up and walking by 11:00 last night and has already
been up twice today to walk around the third floor block.

Thank you for your prayers and love. We have been overwhelmed
by the support and encouragement that has come to us over
the last couple of days. Yesterday several came to pray with us
and several stayed all day to just be with us through this.
We are so blessed to be part of this amazing body of Christ.
We are so blessed to be hidden in the love and care of our
Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for continuing to remember us in prayer and thank
you again for your love and care, both of which are certainly
being experienced.


Children's Ministries Intensive

Every Year, one of the best programs offered by the Church of God of Prophecy is the Institute of Children's Ministry, conducted in Cleveland, Tennessee. I encourage every children's worker to attend the conference. You will enjoy great fellowship, and will receive some of the top quality instruction anywhere.

I've included this video presentation from our CM department to give you an idea of what the conference offers. I try to attend every year, and only miss it when I am taken away for other church business.

Please boost this to your friends, and everyone involved in Children's Ministries at your local church.


Marriage Retreat Highlight

I just couldn't resist sharing this little video clip of one of the Marriage Retreat "Superstars." During this session, several of the men were selected to show their romantic side to their "lady." This is one of our friends from Alabama!


Only three more district meetings...

I find it hard to believe that we are almost finished with February, and spring is just around the corner. Since January 1, 2008 there have been numerous events that have kept us all moving, and only a few more until it slows up a bit.

In March, we will have our final three District meetings, as we will gather at the Hickory Valley church in Chattanooga, at the North Hills church in McMinnville and will conclude the series of meetings at the Tullahoma church.

I do hope to see you at one of these final three meetings if you've missed the rest. God is certainly doing something wonderful among us, and we are hearing of new members being added to the church on a regular basis.

I am so thankful, and honored to be working with such wonderful people in Tennessee. We love you!

Marriage Retreat

The emails have been coming in from across the state about our recent marriage retreat, and coupled with the evaluations, it seems that the retreat was a tremendous success! We are so grateful that the Lord visited with us in so many special ways.

I want to publicly thank Mike and Anne Willingham, the retreat committee, Paul & Barbara Holt, John A. & Judy Stone and Winston and Vernetta Reid for their hard work and contributions to the success.

Josh Dasher and the worship team absolutely excelled our best hopes for each session, and as always, Londa kept the books right. Shaun & Stephanie McKinley helped is with much of the behind the scenes work that was done, as did so many others.

Finally, it goes without saying that Debra McKinley exceeded her normal imaginative self. Zorro wants to publicly thanks Grace Love for the marriage counseling session!

God bless all of you, we are looking forward to a great retreat next year.

Special prayer request

I received this request for prayer from our International Women's Ministries Director, Cathy Payne. I have received her permission to post this so we can all join our faith together for a need for this very special man.

Hey Brother E.C.

John and I would like to share a special prayer need for our family. After a colonoscopy on John last week, a polyp which was removed and biopsied was determined to be cancerous. We went for a consultation with a surgeon yesterday and John has been scheduled for another colonoscopy tomorrow, to scope and mark his colon with surgery planned for Thursday, February 21, to remove the portion of diseased colon.

We are believers in the faithfulness of our Father and we know that this diagnosis is no surprise to Him. Our hearts are trusting in His love and care and we trust His direction. Please pray for God’s guidance as we follow him in this continued journey of faith.

We want to thank those who have already sent emails assuring us of your prayers and supp…

A new convert?

I just learned, that we may have converted a "roll-tide" Alabama fan! You decide.

Marriage Unmasked

The Tennessee Marriage Retreat is in full swing, and the Lord has been blessing in a wonderful way! Last night, the ministry of Mike and Ann Willingham connected with hungry hearts, and the prayer time was especially rich.

This morning's session was another powerful one, and the service tonight was more like "campmeeting" than retreat. In fact, someone made the commenter, we came for a retreat and church showed up.

There was dancing, running the aisles and people slain in the Spirit as a real move of the Spirit was swept through the conference room. Peoples needs were met and the Lord did a powerful work.

Tomorrow promises to be another great meeting, and we are looking forward with anticipation!

Open letter to our pastors...

This letter is intended for our Tennessee Pastors. If your pastor does not have the internet, or does not read this blog, please help me by printing this out and giving it to him/her. Thanks.

February 14, 2008

Greetings Pastor,

In a recent mailing from the General Overseer’s Office, you received word that the proxy system will be implemented at the upcoming 2008 International Assembly. This system, which was accepted in the 93rd International Assembly (2004), was intended to help our Assembly business sessions effectively reflect the involvement of our global Church membership.

Since this system is new, I felt the need to provide you with an overview of the steps to comply with the Proxy System guidelines, as well as some additional useful information, as provided to us by the General Overseer’s Office.

Steps for Implementing the Proxy System

1. In March, it is recommended that you set aside time to introduce to your church the items being discussed at the Assembly. These times shoul…

Chaplaincy Training at the International Assembly

The Church of God of Prophecy Chaplaincy Ministries will be conducting twelve hours of Chaplaincy Training Classes August 10 & 11, 2008 as an add-on to the International Assembly in Nashville, Tennessee. Chaplains Don Yancey and Richard Guy, both from Arkansas, will be the primary instructors. The classes will be held in the Renaissance Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee beginning at 4:00 P. M. on Sunday, August 10th and will end Monday evening, August 11th. Location TBA. Each person to complete the program will receive a Certificate of Training. Registration cost is $30 per person. You can register online at and then send your check for registration, along with your name, address, telephone number and email address to: Chaplaincy Ministries, Church of God of Prophecy, 35 Dee Vue Lane, Rossville, GA 30741.

This course is designed for pastors, ministers and church workers who are serving their communities as chaplains or who plan to establish a chaplaincy program in …

Children’s Ministries Training in Morristown

Peanuts, Cracker Jacks and baseball diamonds were in abundance this past weekend as twenty-eight children’s ministers, Sunday School workers and pastors gathered at the Lakemoore Church of God of Prophecy in Morristown for the Children’s Ministries Grand Slam Event. Those participating experienced training in five keys areas; Leading A Child to Christ, Effective Teaching Tools, Partnering with Parents, Developing Kid Ministry Teams, and Implementing Child Safety Programs in the Church. The training was done by Shaun McKinley, Children’s Ministries Director for East Tennessee.

On participant commented, “Thank you for providing this much-needed day of training. My ministry will improve and never be the same as I use what I’ve learned here today.”

Special Thanks to Pastor Robert Carpenter and the Lakemoore Church for hosting the event and providing lunch for all of the participants.

Shaun McKinley | Administrative Liaison to the General Overseer

Church of God of Prophecy International Of…

Our members suffering in Kenya..

From the General Overseer: Prayer Call for Kenya

Everyone involved would have hoped that the disruptions in Kenya would have ended by now. So after days without hearing any word we have received a clear report from our overseer in Kenya, Bishop Cyril Odendo. I would like to ask all members and friends of the COGOP to pray intensely for the restoration of order and peace in Kenya. Here is some of the report received today.

Bishop Odendo writes:
I will address the issues under the following headings.

The fighting, deaths and eviction of people, which previously affected Rift Valley, Nyanza, Western Kenya, Nairobi and the Coastal Provinces has not only continued unabated but has also engulfed the Central provinces where organized but outlawed Mungiki gangs are killing non-residents mercilessly.

The death toll which stood at 600 people has according to the government, which is keen on saving its face, gone up to 1000 people. Nearly one million people are camping in are…

Reaching Beyond Tennessee


I wanted to share with you the email sent to me this morning. (see below)
As of right now we have raised $8993.93 for Peru. And it just keeps on coming in. Diana made her list of 10 givers, she listened to the Lord and he has supplied the $1000.00!!! To God Be the Glory. Last Sunday a lady shared with me that she wrote a check for money that she did not have, but he Lord told her to be obedient and she was, that very week before her check to Peru cleared the bank; she said the amount she gave was multiplied many times over. Another young couple wrote a check for $400.00 but he Lord told them to write another one for $500.00 God still speaks, and if we obey He will show himself BIG!!!!I’m just about to bounce off the walls this morning to the GREATNESS of my Savior!! Celebrate with us today as we see the hand of God moving in Lebanon to bless the lives and futures of those in Peru!!!Woo Hoo!!!!Michelle

ICM - Middle Tennessee

To God be the Glory for 48 Children's Ministers in Middle Tennessee attending the ICM at Lakeside on Saturday.

There were 11 different churches who took the opportunity to invest in their Children's Ministry Teams.
A huge Thank You to Bro Leon Graves and the Lakeside Church for being such a gracious host.

My prayer is that Children's Ministry in Tennessee will never be the same after hearing Kathy Creasy share from her heart.

Keep watching for more training opportunities for Children's Ministry in Tennessee.

- Kim Batson

Marriage Retreat Notice

Friends, Today, we learned that the hotel has found four more rooms for this weekend's retreat.  Our attendance is well above last year (maybe as much as 30% above) and there is a lot of excitement about the retreat. If you want to attend, there are only these four rooms left in the towers.  We will have no more after this, so we will make the connection until they are gone.  You may call the office at 615-824-3563. Again, once these rooms four rooms are reserved, there are no more.  We hope to see you there.

Keith Street Marriage Retreat Concludes

I had every intention of posting last night, but circumstances prevented me, I apologize.

Yesterday at the KSM marriage retreat, the morning session was great. The couples were so kind and accommodating, and there was a lot of free time built into the session. Last night, there was a karaoke session, the featured such notables as Dolly Parton, Cher, Martina McBride, Etc., Little did I realize how much talent there is at the KSM church.

This morning our class time ended with prayer and good fellowship. What a wonderful group of people! Thanks to Jerry and Evelyn Adams for including us in this special event.

Keith Street Marriage Retreat

Tonight was the first session of the marriage retreat in Pigeon Forge hosted by Keith Street Ministries. Debra and I are honored to serve as guest speakers for this years retreat. Jerry & Evelyn Adams have done a great job of organizing this event, and there is a great turnout of couples from their church.

We look forward to ministering tomorrow and Sunday. I look forward to posting tomorrow evening about events here.

Remember, the Districts 1 & 2 Leadership meetings will be at the Arrowhead church at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday night.

Storm fallout - special needs

As far as I've heard, our people in Tennessee have for the most part been spared death or serious injury from the storms that came through Tennessee earlier this week. There has been some minor damage to properties, but the Lord helped our folks.

Just a few minutes ago, I had a conversation with Pastor Glen Creasy at Hartsville and he informed me that much of the massive damage was done immediately around the church properties there. The gas plant that exploded is about one mile from the church, and the devastation there was tremendous.

Brother Glenn said that rescue workers and other support agencies have set up shop in the area and are trying to help the people of the stricken area. He further stated that they had been storing things up for a rummage sale to help with church expense, but with so much need, they are going to try to open the church up for people in need.

Since they are so close to the majority of the work, the church could be used more effectively if the power w…

Storms across the southland


I am issuing this open letter post today in an attempt to check up on our folks across the State of Tennessee (and the rest of the south). The storms were fierce in Middle and West Tennessee and dozens are feared dead.

I have heard from our Presbyters in Northwest Tennessee, Bishop Clayton Mahan that to his knowledge our people were spared, and we have heard from our Middle Tennessee (Nashville area) Presbyter, Bishop Leon Graves that they were spared, although devastation was all around.

If you are a reader of this blog and you know of any damage to our churches or members, or any injuries or deaths associate with our churches, would you please email me by CLICKING HERE? Let us pray for, and lend a helping hand to our neighbors around us during this time of devastation and trial.

The Political World

Late into this evening, the reports were still coming into the news stations about the winners and losers of the political primaries in Super Tuesday. Like many of you, our whole family made the time to do our civic duty and vote.

While we were watching the returns on television, our weather alert radio went off warning us of storms in Tennessee, sweeping from west to east, with severe winds, and tornadoes in some parts of the state. As of now, we do not know how this might have affected any of our people in Tennessee, however, I was struck by an odd thought.

While the winds of political change (the buzz word of the day) are sweeping our nations, natural forces were sweeping our state. Regardless of which one of these events stirs your fancy, the thought came to me that there is one constant for which we can all be thankful.

Regardless of which political party rules, and no matter rain or shine, God Himself watches over those who love Him. He cares about us so much that He can't…

Modern Day Martyrs

Many of you have heard me tell the story of persecution in Ukraine that I learned about last year. Today I read about three other accounts I would like to share with you.

1. I read about a young boy in Sudan who had his knees and feet nailed to a board and left to die. When he was rescued, he made the comment that he forgives the man responsible because Jesus was nailed to a cross and forgave those responsible.

2. A Pastor in Vietnam was sentenced to two years in prison. His captors offered to release him early, but he refused because he had a group of believers in prison that he felt he couldn't leave until they were discipled.

3. A missionary in Colombia was told she would be killed in two hours. She told her captors that she wanted to spend her last two hours sharing the gospel with them.

These are only a few stories that you will hear about, and read in accounts of people who are giving their lives for the Gospel. With our brothers and sisters being tortured and dying arou…

Another great Sunday in Tennessee

Today I have received several notices of the great things happening in our churches in Tennessee! In our altars people have given their hearts to the Lord, new members have been added to our church and the number of baptisms climbing.

This is due to the grace of the Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit at work among the ministry and laity of our churches. We are set to continue our climb to excellence among our churches, and we are anticipating even more great news as we "RAISE THE BAR" of ministry.

May the Lord bless each of you as you continue to follow Christ!

Ministerial Development Institute

Just a few minutes ago, I returned from the campground, where we hosted our annual Ministerial Development Intensive. To say the least, this was an absolutely wonder intensive. All of the instructors were well prepared, and anointed in their delivery, and the fellowship was rich.

Sister Londa Richardson is to be commended for her hard work and attention to detail in the planning and preparation of the event. There was a larger crowd this year than last year (which was also an increase) and the crowd was a noticeably younger group, as God is moving in a special new way among our people.

I am convinced that the lessons learned will be put into place in our local churches, and the freshness of the Spirit of God will definitely make a difference in many lives.

Special thanks to our Ministerial Review Board for their support and teaching.