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Blog address has moved

Dear friends,

Thank you for being so faithful in checking into our blog to keep up with events across Tennessee. With the state website coming online, we are now posting regularly at that site. To go there CLICK HERE and then click on the "blog" text on the main page to stay current.

We do believe the new website will be a blessing to you, I hope you will check it out soon!

Upper Middle Tennessee Pastors Meeting

Last night, Debra and I were privileged to meet with the Pastors and their companions in the Upper Middle Tennessee Section for a time of fellowship, a great meal and sharing of information. Bishop F. Leon & Faye Graves, District Presbyter arranged the meeting facilities and did a great job on the choice. We are so thankful for their help and leadership. The meeting was in Lebanon, Tennessee and all but two pastors/companions were in attendance. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful pastoral team in Tennessee, and we know the churches are blessed. This is the first of meetings that will continue for the next Ten days. By that time, we will have had the opportunity for this type of meeting with all of our pastoral leadership in Tennessee, with the exception of the Crossroads area and all of the District Presbyters. The Crossroads area meeting will be later, and pastors will be informed of the meeting location and other information prior to the meeting.

Remembering 9/11

It doesn't seem possible that seven years have passed since the horrible day that America changed forever. Extremists commandeered aircraft that turned modes of transportation into weapons of death and destruction. That day the lives of countless millions changed. The victims of the terrorists of 9/11 who lost their lives weren't the only ones who suffered. Their families have been forever affected and changed as their loved ones were taken from them so suddenly and in such a traumatic way. The victims at the Pentagon, the Twin Towers in New York and in a field in Pennsylvania were the result of hatred and twisted truth. We must never forget. Our soldiers have served on the battlefields of foreign lands, our family members were deployed to bring freedom and liberty from the hands of dictatorial regimes, and to protect our way of life. Please join me today in prayer for our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, for our law enforcement officers, emergency medical and other fi…

A move of God at Old Hickory

I am sharing an email I received from Pastor Terry Lowery. I asked (and received) his permission to share the good news and he encouraged me to share all of it with you. Thank God for His goodness.

Sir,Glorious day. We baptized 9 Sunday. Many backed out at the last minute. I probably need a little more time with them, but, so happy to be the one to baptize them. It was pay off time. We are now beginning a membership class for them. I want them to join the church. That is a change for me. I began to think that membership did not matter. I was confused about what that meant for a few years, but the Lord has helped me through that. That has hurt the local churches in America I believe. I am afraid many pastors have felt the same way I did.We had the Lords supper Sunday and ran out of communion cups for the first time. I ask that our children not participate unless parents are there to counsel them and ok the participation. I want them to feel a part, but know that is a fami…

A Call for Prayer - Juanita Weakley

Word has been received today from former Tennessee State Overseer, Bishop Eugene Weakley, regarding a special prayer need in their family. Sister Juanita Weakley ("Wonnie") received a diagnosis today of colon cancer. The area affected is small and they are believing God for a BIG miracle. The Weakleys are known for their love, concern, and prayer support for others in Tennessee for many years. As the family of God, let's join our hearts and prayers with them today believing for God's healing power!

New Korean-Language Church

What a privilege it was to join 27 other people in the new church mission started today in the heart of Nashville. Pastors Dennis and Young Didion recently moved from California to Nashville following the Lord's direction to establish a church-planting ministry here, and I am thrilled that Tennessee is sponsoring this great work. Pastor Dennis Didion is the Senior pastor of the New Life Church in Nashville and Pastor Young Didion is pastor of the Korean-language work. We were honored to have Pastor Lee from the Clarksville (Korean-language) Church of God of Prophecy, and Robert Minor there as well. The worship service was wonderful, especially listening to the singing in Korean and English. Dr. E.C. McKinley, State Presiding Bishop for the Church of God of Prophecy delivered the message and it was interpreted into Korean by Pastor Young.

Please join us in prayer for this new work, and help us to see more church plants among the Korean peoples in Tennessee.

A stirring in my soul...

A stirring in my heart. That’s really the only way to explain what has been motivating me for some time now. As the gavel dropped concluding the 2008 International Assembly of the Church of God of Prophecy, it felt like something literally began to move in me.

In our last state convention (2007) I shared my heart’s vision for the churches and ministries of Tennessee. It included a re commitment to the Great Commission of Matthew 28. I shared that we need to “refuse to be defined” and to press on to the things that matter most. I shared one statement that continues to wake me up in the early mornings, and I would like to share it with you again today. “We need to stop trying to be a denomination and return to our roots as a missionary movement. Dedicated to evangelism and discipleship of believers.”

During the last assembly we heard the core values reiterated. We are committed to prayer, evangelization of the lost and the discipleship of believers. I can still hear and feel the …

Harvest Partners - Lebanon Church w/Peru

The Following is an email received from Annette Taylor of the Harvest Partners Department at the International Offices:

"Brother David, Just got an E-mail from Brother Ted Cooper reporting about Alto Salaverry, Peru…

Attached are several photos of the new property and church building which were purchased through special Harvest Partners Level 2 project funding by our congregation in Lebanon, TN. Michelle Brooks-Young is the HP Coordinator for the Lebanon Church.

To God be the glory for the wonderful things He is accomplishing through HP Mission-Minded congregations such as Lebanon, TN…


Read more of the correspondence:

'Hello dear brother Ted,
Hope everything is fine with you, I am very happy because of the blessings we have received from God.
Yesterday Jun 09, we purchased the property for ALTO SALAVERRY Mission church. It is a happiness for us. Brother Rafael coordinated with my Dist. overseer sister Edith SaladaƱa to purchase the property, I also hel…

Update from Wrigley

Therefore I will praise you, O LORD, among the nations; I will sing praises to your name. 2 Samuel 22:50

We praise God for the great services Sunday! Our Sunday morning Bible study classes are growing and the Lord is blessing. We are blessed with a great Christian Education Director, Barbara Brown, and each teacher.

During the 11:00 A. M. worship service Brother Gene Kelly did a great job of bringing Word of God in song and preaching! The altar service was great and we praise God for one saved! It was so good to see Gene and Pat Kelly this weekend. Please continue to pray for their ministry as God is going to use them in many ways!

Sunday night the district came together for our 5th Sunday night district service at Zion Hill Church of God of Prophecy. The house was full of people and the Spirit of the Lord. Pastor Mike Jennet brought the message under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Mike did an outstanding job of challenging the district to reach the lost for Jesus Christ…