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Happy New Year

On behalf of the Tennessee State Staff we pray that this will be the most joyous new year for you and your family.

We pray that you will be blessed beyond measure and that you will walk in faith, power and anointing.

Happy New Year 2016

Emersyn Reese Wilhoite makes a grand entrance

Pastor Steve and Lisa Boshers (Wrigley Church of God of Prophecy) is walking on cloud nine tonight.  Their daughter Kendall Wilhoite and her husband Cameron were blessed with the arrival of their new daughter.

Emersyn Reese Wilhoite was born at 2:27 pm. She is 8lbs and 20 inches long! As the proud mom and dad say, "She is the most beautiful girl on the planet! We are blessed!!"

Looking forward to new opportunities

"Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before," (Philippians 3:13)

I have a shelf full of bibles.  Multiple translations, some more than one of the same translation, but from different publishers, because the foot notes are different.  But I have one bible that stands our for different reasons.  It is a King James Version bible with a red leather cover that is held together by duct tape.  The pages on the inside are worn and tattered, and some of the pages are soaked with tears of sorrow, conviction, joy and triumph. When this bible is laid on the desk and you look at it from the side, it doesn't take long to notice that while the whole bible is worn, the New Testament is much more so. The reason is simple; I've spent a whole lot of time in the New Testament, and while I believe every word to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, the New Testament s…

Christmas is past

Today is December 26, 2015 and it starts the countdown to December 25, 2016, our next Christmas Day.  We were blessed to have all of our immediate family with us for Christmas Day and in a few days in Pigeon Forge to spend time with my extended family from Indiana.

Now we jump back into the work of building the Kingdom of God with a hopeful heart for our people across the State of Tennessee. In a few-short-days we will join the Church of God of Prophecy world-wide in a time of protracted prayer and fasting.

District Meetings will be especially rich in fellowship, worship and the Word, dates and locations will follow in the next blog message.

#Cover22 will be launched at each district meeting as well as a new training opportunity from the Tennessee School of Practical and Advanced Studies.

We look forward to RAISING THE BAR together

Merry Christmas

God's desire for the Christmas season is that the whole world would be filled with love, joy and peace.  During this season, our desire for you is the same.  We pray that God would supply all of your needs and that His grace and mercy would overflow in your life.

Why the delay?

It has been quite a while since a contribution was made to our blog site.  There are a few reasons for that, however the primary reason is one of time...or should I say the lack of time?  With communication traveling at light speed, we realize that it is just plain hard to catch up.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are only a few of the multitude of ways we stay in touch today.  While I value the ability to get information out quickly, I also realize it robs us of something very important, something essential for leaders.  What is it?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  It is the act of taking time to think before we text/type/tweet.  This leads to strained relationships and unnecessary hurt.
Most folks probably do not realize that the service called Twitter was invented from the idea of emergency service calls over two-way radio.  You know, like police, fire, ambulance.  Speaking in what is know as "ten-code," is something of an art when you hear or participate in it on …