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How Much Is a Soul Worth?

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? (Mark 8:36)

A sobering question that Jesus asked that is worth asking again today.  Just what is your soul worth?  If, somehow we could buy it, what is the bottom line?

The soul of man is the most valued and precious treasure ever made.  The soul of man causes war to take place in heaven, and then spills over into the church, the family and in a man or woman's own psyche.  Angels of God surround His children to help protect and watch over guide their footsteps, and to do war on their behalf against the evil forces of Satan and his armies of angels and imps.  To create such a ruckus, it must be worth something.

Since the fall of man in the garden of Eden, this war has waged without respite. There have been no truces, there have been no withdrawal of forces, and there certainly have been no negotiations for a cease fire or settlement of hostilities.  It is all out war for the sou…

Warning...NOT for the faint of heart

When will it happen?  When will the church wake up to realize that we stand on the precipice of total disaster.  Evil men (and women) have crept in aware and have preached ANOTHER GOSPEL.  It is a gospel that appeals to the flesh and subjugates men and women of God to the whims and desires of less-than-spiritual people.  
As I travel throughout the land I am reminded of my travels in Europe some thirty-years-ago.  In many of the cities the churches have become museums and monuments to men and women of by-gone days.  With their ornate architecture and polished floors and furniture, they really are something to see.  The steeples once were to tallest buildings in the city...a testimony that God is above all human effort and the ONLY hope for mankind.  Now?  Well, now they stand in the shadows of skyscrapers dedicated to unbridled capitalism.
As I travel throughout Central and South America, I see mosques popping up, standing as the tallest structures in some cities.  Even after a long c…

The Broken Heart of Jesus

Dear Friends,

It has been some time since I posted on this blog site.  The pressures of the preparing, moderating and preaching at the Tennessee State Convention were quite heavy, and that was followed up by the opportunity to preach at the Georgia State Convention the following week.

However, the thing that has kept me from posting for so long was not just those events and the time involved, but also a time of seeking the Will of God for my life, and for the pastoral appointments of so many churches under my charge.

I have been seized by an overwhelming burden for revival in the church.  Parts of this burden have been expressed on my Facebook page and also on my Twitter account, but this blog will perhaps help me to share more of that burden without the limitation of character counts required on Facebook and Twitter.

I see numerous indicators of the lack of revival in the church in general, but in our local churches in Tennessee in particular.  Let me share a few of the signs that I…