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21 Days of Seeking - Day 3

Truth.  An amazing concept that has been debated for thousands of years, all the way back to the beginning of time.  I read the story the other day about the failure of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3) and saw that even there, the truth was a problem.

You see, truth is a problem for a lot of folks.  Over the years I've heard dozens of colloquialisms about the truth or lack of it.  One of my favorites is, "he is such a liar that he would rather climb a tree to tell a lie, than to stay on the ground and tell the truth.
On this, the third day of 21 Days of Seeking,   On day one I spoke about the need for the power of the Holy Spirit and on day two spent a little bit of time to the subject of, let's consider the thought of TRUTH.  I want to take a little time and quite a bit of space to touch on this subject.  This is a long read, so please give yourself time to read it all the way through.
Any dictionary will probably tell you that truth mea…

21 Days of Seeking - Day 2

As we move into day two of our 21 Days of Seeking, it occurs to me that it would be a good time to take a personal inventory.  In the late 1980's I was privileged to attend (and later teach) personal evangelism classes that taught a Biblical, easy-to-understand way of presenting the Gospel to those who have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into their lives.  To say that it changed my life would be an not only changed the way I live my life, but it also changed me.  I began a journey of self-discovery that would eventually change my own personal walk with Christ, but also how I view others.

A member of my local church drove by the parsonage one day to give me a present in the form of a book written by one of my favorite authors and speaker, Dr. Charles Swindioll.  The book was entitled, A Grace Awakening, and I once I opened the first page I could not put it down until I had read completely through it. That book, is still available to this day.  My personal c…

21 Days of Seeking - Day 1

On Sunday, January 5, 2014, the Church of God of Prophecy begins twenty-one days of seeking the Presence and the Power of the Lord.  With a genuine spirit of repentance, we call on the Lord to move among us and lead us into a future He has determined.

There is not one church among our fellowship that is exempt from the need for a genuine touch from the Holy Spirit.  There is not one minister among us who is without need of a fresh anointing.  With this in mind, we pray for the power of repentance to move among us and to lead us.

We submit our hearts, souls and minds to our Lord, asking for His Divine touch.

A New Year and a New Attitude

If you are like me, you probably wonder where 2013 has gone.  It seems like the Christmas season was so short and that the New Year celebration happened before we had time to even turn around.  I have always looked forward to January 1 of any year, because I like the opportunity for fresh starts.

I know that I am not perfect and to be honest with you, each day in the Scriptures reminds me of that fact.  I struggle to make right decisions and do what is right and proper in any situation, but as I said, I am not perfect.  So, as January 1 rolled around this year, I looked forward with great hopes of the opportunities to begin anew, however, I have learned that Satan just doesn't want that to happen.  He pushes, prods and provokes at every turn and uses circumstance and culture to antagonize...but, the opportunities for a fresh start never comes from him...rather, it always comes from God our Father.

Perhaps my favorite story in the Old Testament is that of Mephibosheth, the grandso…