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Day Twelve of Seeking

There is a little known story of a tribe in Papua Guinea known as the Ku Waru warriors. This tribe had a tradition practiced on the night before battle. A large feast would be prepared and all of the warriors would eat until full. Then, they would begin to confess the wrongs they were guilty of to each other. They would confess to stealing the property of each other, and often if they had coveted another warriors wife, they would plainly "fess up." You see, this tribe believed that if they did not confess to the things done wrong in their lives, they would not have the strength to fight their enemies.

Only when they were completely honest with each other, they had the strength to fight.Those of us in western culture might think, "well, that's a quaint story about people who probably don't understand life....but the truth is, they know a lot more than many of us.

They understand a principle that we would do well to think about...the principle of confessing our sins one to another (James 5:16) so that our prayers will not be hindered.As we continue our days of seeking, we understand that we must repent, change our ways, make restitution by clearly confessing our failures to those whom we've offended and walking with a clear conscience before God and man.


Anonymous said…
Good word today Bro. McKinley.
Some people can not handle honesty. I know from past things, that if you share :sins: or things you deal with you are quickly judged. so that has easily turned me away from sharing.

How do you take a new step to be honest again, when you been hurt many times when your honest.

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